Operate great workplaces

Build stronger connections, enhance decision-making,
increase efficiency, and reduce workplace costs.

  • Create the ideal work environment for peak performance
  • Review your real estate footprint and optimise your total cost of occupancy
  • Identify the right skillsets and people to strengthen your operational real estate, facilities, and workplace teams
  • Build stronger partnerships and create value along the supply chain
  • Select the best technologies for smart, timely, and enabling occupancy decisions

Prioritise People

Connect, understand, and build positive relationships with customers, co-workers, suppliers, and the broader community.

  • Establish a welcoming and inclusive environment for visitors
  • Align, empower and engage employees for greater success
  • Collaborate with partners to improve organisational value
  • Deliver positive impact and leave meaningful footprints through respectful engagement with people and places.

Transform Spaces

Make smarter decisions at every stage of the asset lifecycle – Acquisition, Operation, Disposal.

  • Ensure space is appropriate, available, activated, safe, neat, clean, fully utilised and functional, and delivered at the optimal cost
  • Define clear, measurable, outcomes for your investments in your workplace
  • Understand your key risks, critical dates, and the big and movable opportunities in your portfolio
  • Build tools for understanding, measuring, and reporting your environmental and social impact.

Optimise Work

Streamline your operations to create value, remove operational noise, and free your time to generate top-line growth.

  • Develop a clear, objective, outcome-based vision for your occupancy
  • Review the people, partnerships, places, processes, and technologies in your occupancy decisions
  • Prioritise the big and movable levers for improvement and/or change
  • Implement the optimal digital transformation to capture your Total Cost of Occupancy, generate cost savings, improve operational performance, and enable strategic governance