Innovators in workplace operations

We pioneered the concept of the office as a premium hotel

Since 1987 our business has been immersed in the culture of premium hotels. First as Lausanne trained hoteliers (EHL) in operations then in executive search to recruit for the finest hotel operators in the world.

In 2006 we saw the opportunity to expand this customer ethos and outsource our expertise into the office environment - starting with a major Australian bank. Since then, we have continued to learn, improve, and grow.

We have learned to create value at multiple touchpoints, improved the depth and breadth of our expertise, and grow the business to provide global experience in how organisations:

  • lead, engage, recruit, and partner with people.
  • organise their work
  • manage the spaces they occupy

It is an holistic view on corporate real estate, facilities, and workplace management and we are proud to have hundreds of our people delivering excellence in customer experience and high levels of employee engagement in offices throughout Australia, Singapore and, more recently, New York and London.

In 2022 we continue to help with advisory recruitment and operational management services to organisations large and small

As workplace specialists we improve organisational performance, build your career or find the workforce solution you need

Our approach
Through the lens of the occupier

We see real estate and facilities through the lens of the occupier. So, we view real estate and facilities as a service.
That means your:


People feel welcome, valued, engaged, and empowered


Space is safe, neat, clean, fully functional, and available at the optimal price


Work flows quickly to the person best able to manage it

Asset quality attracts good people, and it is how you treat people that retains them. We help you do both. It sets the tone and allows you to understand and measure the impact of your customer experience, employee engagement, and organisational performance.

Our values and behaviours
First Contact is a business built on service to others and our values underpin our commitment to service quality.
We succeed through teamwork, communicate consistently, and unite as one force.
Our people are

Supportive: We encourage idea sharing, it is the cornerstone of collaboration. We are open to new ways of working to improve efficiency and produce a better outcome for our client.

Aware: We are working for a shared purpose, we voice our thoughts, and can make change for the better.

Transparent: We communicate openly and honestly, and safely express important information to all our colleagues in a positive and productive way. We give and receive feedback, share our wins, losses, challenges, and admit when things didn’t go as planned.

We value the talent, time, and intentions of everyone, focus on the future, and respect the efforts of previous work.
Our people are

Strong communicators: We start by listening, understanding different perspectives, and caring about others’ success. We help one another and ask for help when needed.

Empathetic: We feel what someone else is feeling and see things from their point of view. It helps is read emotions, notice people in our immediate environment and understand how we can better help.

Honourable: We reflect First Contact values, express gratitude, and accept our responsibilities to those who place their trust in us – even when they don’t serve our interests.

We are a business focused on others. Flawless performance underpins everything we do.
Our people are

Competent: We perform our roles knowledgeably, efficiently, and effectively, and to the best of our ever-improving abilities.

Reliable: We deliver consistently and with quality. We build trust because we do what we say. We follow through on the little things, so we're entrusted with the bigger things.

Innovative: We always look for process improvement ideas when collaborating. We aim to work smarter in everything we do.

We take ownership of those things for which we are responsible. We acknowledge every person within our space and have a fine eye for detail.
Our people are

Ready to perform: We are a professional service. We take pride in our grooming, communication, and attentiveness. We ensure we know how to always perform our role and meet our responsibilities.

Resilient: We change ourselves to accommodate the circumstance. We spend less time trying to change the circumstances, and more time adjusting our attitude and approach. We are not knocked down at first attempt!

Courageous: We stand up for what we believe in and are always mindful of others. We think deeply, question conventions, and strive to never stop learning.

We respect and value people of all backgrounds. We take interest in and embrace each other’s individuality and are tolerant and accepting of our differences.
Our people are

Engaging: We always greet our colleagues and guests alike, with a big smile and a welcoming gesture.

Composed: We respect each other’s thoughts and the clients’ wishes without judgement.

Courageous: We are calm under stress. Emotions don’t get in the way during those 'moments of truth'

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