Client Success Story: Senior Asset Manager Recruitment in Asia Pacific

First Contact, a specialist leader in recruitment services, recently played a pivotal role in addressing a critical executive vacancy for a global hotel asset organisation in Singapore. Our strategic approach to recruitment not only successfully filled the position but also showcased an innovative strategy that minimised costs, prioritised operational continuity, ensured confidentiality, and emphasised diversity in leadership. 

In this introduction, we will delve into the key components of our approach, highlighting how we seamlessly integrate efficiency, confidentiality, and diversity into our recruitment strategies to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Cost Efficiency and Operational Continuity: Recognising substantial costs tied to executive turnover, First Contact implemented a custom search strategy, avoiding unnecessary expenses and ensuring a seamless leadership transition. This prioritisation of cost efficiency not only found a suitable candidate but also minimised disruption in day-to-day operations.

Diversity/ESG Driven Leadership: First Contact's search process eliminated bias and promoted diversity, aligning with the evolving corporate landscape. The selected candidate brought varied international perspectives, contributing to business values, ESG, and fostering innovation across the Asia Pacific region. This emphasis on diversity met strategic goals and enhanced the work environment.

Access to Passive Candidates: Our access to a pool of passive candidates identified and attracted CRE executives not actively seeking new opportunities. This community-based approach ensured the recruitment of top talent, elevating leadership quality and contributing to success in the Asia-Pacific market.

Confidentiality and Controlled Transitions: First Contact prioritised confidentiality, allowing the company to manage transitions and announcements on their terms. This discreet approach preserved the company's image, enabling seamless navigation of changes and maintaining control over communication.

Long-term Strategic Partnership: Choosing First Contact meant more than filling a critical role; it secured a strategic partner dedicated to long-term success. This success story attests to our comprehensive, confidential, and diversity-focused recruitment approach. The strategic partnership ensures ongoing support and alignment with evolving needs in the dynamic Asia-Pacific market.


First Contact: With 20+ years of recruiting expertise, we are the preferred solution for exceptional talent in the Real Estate, Workplace, and Hospitality sectors. Our adept recruiters specialise in aligning individuals with your company ethos, utilising advanced assessments for seamless skill and mindset matching. Beyond traditional recruitment, we actively contribute to constructing compensation and retention frameworks, ensuring leaders are aligned with your values. First Contact transcends the conventional agency model; we are your strategic partner dedicated to prioritising people for enduring organisational success. 

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