Client Story: Multinational Bank's Corporate Real Estate Recruitment Campaign

Client Story: Multinational Bank's Corporate Real Estate Recruitment Campaign for Large Outsourced Workplace Operations


Benefits of Targeted Recruitment:

A large multinational bank sought to recruit experienced corporate real estate professionals to manage largely outsourced workplace operations across multiple office locations.

They initially used targeted recruitment by tapping into industry-specific networks and professional organizations. This approach allowed them to quickly identify candidates with in-depth knowledge of corporate real estate and the intricacies of outsourced workplace management.

Their hires had an immediate understanding of the industry, reducing the learning curve and ensuring a smooth transition.


Pitfalls of Targeted Recruitment:

One challenge they faced with this approach was the limited pool of candidates within the industry who were available for their roles. The competition for top talent in corporate real estate was fierce, resulting in a higher cost-per-hire and extended time-to-fill key positions.


Conclusion and Next Steps:

To address these challenges, the bank decided to broaden its recruitment efforts. They expanded their search to include candidates with relevant experience from related industries, such as facility management and hospitality.

This diversification allowed them to access a wider talent pool, reduced competition for the same candidates, and often brought in fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

By balancing targeted recruitment with diversified strategies, the bank created a well-rounded corporate real estate team capable of managing their outsourced workplace operations efficiently and cost-effectively.

This client campaign highlights the importance of finding the right mix of recruitment strategies to meet the specific needs of the organization and achieve long-term success in managing complex workplace operations across multiple office locations.

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