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Ad-Hoc Services

Tailoring the service experience to suit your organisation.

Should our clients present us with an ad-hoc request, our first thought is ‘yes, we can do that’ - this stems from our concierge roots. Many of the tasks listed here have become part of our service offering from this mentality and this will surely grow as First Contact evolves.

Newsletter creation and distribution

Administer and manage the use of any Visitor Management Systems

Manage the provision of keys and access passes to tenants and visitors as per building management policy

Lead by example relating to all building rules (OH&S, emergency procedures etc.) including Fire Warden support

Act as an extension of building management and be the “Statesman” of the property

Support marketing of the building by following the First Contact Non-Negotiable Standards

Compile and update reports as required

Report all security related concerns to Security and Building Management

If you have a specialised need for First Contact's premium service at your organisation, contact us today.

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