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16-03-2021    By  First Contact  

Service is about outcomes. Regardless of the industry, subject matter experts (SME) in service delivery understand the prime imperative that occupiers (organisations) will need to (a) deploy a specialised service, and (b) engage a SME provider, instead of simply “insourcing” this competency. How do you approach planning, transition, delivery and measurement without knowing what the organisation’s strategic goals and culture alignment are?

HBR (2019) offers an interesting perspective. The authors argue the importance of a sound needs identification, continuously emphasised throughout the article, and the latest organisational research suggests an overemphasis on “profiling” the customer – e.g. believing a customer is similar to x, or would prefer A over B, prevails. Whilst important, it can only help so much in delivering a solution at a particular point in time; not just over the entire service process.

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