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28-11-2019    By  First Contact  

A quick peek behind the John!
We love sharing how our team members came to be part of our family - and even more about their rewarding experiences since coming on board!

Position within FC:
Workplace Services Manager

How long have you been part of the FC Team?
2 years

What is it you like most about working with FC?
I love the combination of relaxed and professional leadership I receive from my managers. This in turn allows me to use the same approach with my team members, to which we all work so well together. The overall culture at First Contact is so friendly - we’re like a family.

Where did you work before joining FC?
I worked at Virgin Australia as a Cabin Supervisor for 13 years!

What is the most rewarding experience you have had as an FC employee?
In 2018 I was honoured to receive the Team Member of the Month award twice and Team Member of the Year. This was by far the best accomplishment of my career.

A little known fact about yourself:
I got the pleasure of serving Macy Gray on a flight once, and she even gave me her pen on disembarkation!

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