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02-03-2020    By  First Contact  

The new workplace has arrived. The increasing demands for a more responsive workplace have never been more pronounced. Your employees want it. Your customers want it. “Workplace as an experience” is the new norm in 2020. 

John Ortner | Executive Director, at First Contact, sums it up well. “Workplace services should be designed around customer service as an experience, agile to the business rhythms, and the ability of the workforce service team to deliver a holistic experience for the whole organisation and its customers”.


Furthermore, he suggests that customer service works better when aligned to the desired service outcome. This service should be designed to deliver a unified and efficient process rather than a “piece-by-piece” approach which leads to poor overall benchmark performance and outcomes. A workflow would include the following:


First, service leadership and foresight are paramount. We argue that leveraging subject matter experience in delivering service excellence, extends that expertise into controlling the whole service supply chain for the workplace. 


Secondly, delivery requires visibility. Each component that impacts the workplace and has direct involvement in the management of the links, combine to define the Total Workplace Experience.


Thirdly, each component is assessed according its cost, quality, and effectiveness in delivering on the customer interaction. As customer service is a qualitative assessment, you should ensure your prime service directive is user-centric. Demonstrating strong visibility and control over quantitative measures, sound financial management; asset utilisation, and workforce productivity; will improve each service touchpoint that underpins the customer experience.


John maintains that by incorporating a broader service definition and methodology to the workplace, you begin to change the conversation from cost to value for astute organisations. Many of our clients have benefited from “workplace as an experience” in raising employee engagement and increased customer service focus to optimise the entire cost base dramatically.


The takeaway is clear. The modern workplace is dynamic, ever-changing, and workplace inclusion is considered a must! Aligning desired services outcomes to employee and customer experience is now the new black and organisations who embrace this will be able to nurture and curate the workplace with greater confidence. You can then spend your time retaining that prime talent to impress your own customers!


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