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First Contact - Shaping the Continued Evolution of the Workplace

27-10-2017    By  First Contact  

The dynamic nature of today’s workplace has introduced considerable change during the past few years. Initiatives from wellness programs, to the concept of an agile work environment have been developed and introduced. We are now seeing results of these and other initiatives, which has led to further refinements in the workplace.

While introducing new concepts into organisations can be exciting, it is important to consider their ongoing management and co-ordination to ensure that staff first and foremost do not feel anxious or disgruntled about the change. To ensure that the change is constantly monitored, adjusted and implemented after this initial excitement subsides, it is important to not only have a strategy in place, but to also employ the right skill-set that can keep these initiatives on-track. 

This is where the notion of ‘Workplace Services’ can make a huge difference. By having a dedicated team, whose sole purpose is to ensure day-to-day operations are as smooth as possible in the workplace, SBUs can focus on the job at hand while changes are taking place.

When introducing a major structural change, such as an agile workplace model, it is the workplace services team who will strive, and be instrumental in making this transition seamless. Being largely impartial to the change is extremely important, as they have an objective point of view – meaning they will be solely focussed on implementing changes to the ultimate needs of the organisation as a whole.

In addition to assisting organisations with change, workplace services teams are also very dynamic, and can be adapted to suit the needs of many organisations. As David Paul, General Manager – Workplace Services states:

“Workplace Services will always slightly differ through business needs and building workflow. No model will be the same, including the same business across different buildings. Workplace services create and enhance an individual or team to better deliver their core role. It needs to compliment the working agile environment and be the source of all solutions.”

This statement rings true for First Contact’s approach to workplace services. Our clients’ needs alter dramatically from client to client, and building to building. Our niche is in finding a way to meet these. For example – we offer many clients a mailroom management service as it is not a core function, but a client in the logistics industry may not need a dedicated contractor to fulfil this.

The First Contact workplace services matrix is extremely dynamic – we also cater to clients that need floor walks and audits completed, event support and room bookings, locker management, stationery orders, as well as onboarding and new starter inductions, to name but a few.

The skill set and scope is completely customisable, which stems from our premium hospitality background – a good concierge will never say no – they just find a way to get the job done.

This, in essence, is why a company like First Contact is gaining momentum in the workplace services space.

By recruiting professional hospitality staff looking for the next challenge, and then assisting with their transition in to the corporate sector, we instil confidence in our clients. With the knowledge that everything will be in order when they arrive for work each day, we create a sense of trust, allowing our clients to feel comfortable in completing their core objectives.

This is the First Contact advantage; a workplace service model that innovates with the demands of your organisation.

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