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17-11-2016    By  First Contact  

Our final blog on the First Contact Genes addresses an aspect that is easily overlooked or taken for granted by many organisations, but which is vital and must be nurtured in order to ensure success – collaboration.

Collaboration at First Contact is highly valued and something which is audited on, to ensure all staff feel included, and have access to the latest ideas and service trends. This is encouraged through a company-wide social network, where staff can blog about their ideas, lobby activations and any special offers they may have received from retailers or event companies for example. This gives the opportunity for other staff to develop their own on-site repertoire, as well as provide feedback based on their own experiences.

Given that First Contact staff are seasoned hospitality professionals, should a left-of-centre request come through, staff simply put the word out to our 180-strong (and growing) team via our dedicated online community network. With FC staff having varied and unique world-wide experiences, there is always a member of the team who has the right contact to fulfil the request.

The need for team-based collaboration is very important at First Contact. It essentially amplifies the effect of the other FC Genes (Harmony, Service Excellence, Growth and Consistency), creating a self-perpetual continuous improvement cycle.

This concludes our 5-part series on the First Contact Genes – if you would like to find out more about us, feel free to view our services page, or view one of our many blogs.

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