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20-10-2016    By  First Contact  

Part 4 in our series on the First Contact Genes is a large reason why we continue to be recognised as an industry leader – Consistency.

Without the correct systems in place, it is extremely difficult to achieve consistent service standards, especially when co-ordinating over 180 staff across multiple capital cities in Australia.

First Contact continues to achieve a consistent result across all sites through:

Management – First Contact has appointed key management positions nationwide, in order to effectively manage, supervise and assist with operations. Having management representation allows all potential service gaps to be easily identified and rectified. This also provides clients with flexibility during scheduled and unscheduled meetings.

Support Team – Something unmatched by any potential competitor is our dedicated support infrastructure. During periods of planned and unplanned leave, First Contact deploys a trained, uniformed, inducted and operationally ready Support Team member to ensure consistency on-site, by providing a like-for-like replacement. All Support Team members are full-time employees – First Contact does not engage casual or agency staff to fill contracted positions. This ensures service levels are maintained, and First Contact values are upheld on-site.

Values & Standards – First Contact has borrowed heavily from the premium hospitality industry to ensure everything from recruitment, placement and day-to-day operation is in line with what we, and our clients, expect. Our Genes underpin our culture, while a set of Non-Negotiable Standards include nine minimum standards that every team member must meet – they include areas such as grooming, communication, site knowledge and punctuality.

Training – Keeping staff up-to-date with current industry trends, and keeping their customer service skills sharp is very important. First Contact, in conjunction with its long-term training partner, has developed a set of proprietary training programs, designed to assist with the transition to the corporate sector, and reinforce the company Genes and Non-Negotiable Standards.

Next month, we wrap up the series, by looking into collaboration, the final First Contact Gene.

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