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5 Important Aspects to Consider when Looking to Increase Engagement On Site

01-09-2017    By  First Contact  

Engagement has become one of the new ‘it’ terms in customer service. Now many organisations are trying hard to create engagement, often by investing in expensive technology or other all-in-one solutions.

There are five simple things any business can consider to complement activations and campaigns as part of their overall service strategy that assist on-site engagement.

Announcing the Next Evolution of FC Management!

07-04-2017    By  First Contact  

First Contact Executive Hospitality is delighted to announce the following changes within our Leadership Team.

Executive Team members Glenn Lacey, David Paul, Marty Couper and Peter Fry have been promoted to the newly created role of General Manager - Workplace Services.
Sally Battin has been promoted to the newly created role of Human Resources Officer.

Congratulating our 2016 First Contact Team Member of the Year!

07-04-2017    By  First Contact  

It is with great delight that First Contact announces the 2016 Team Member of the Year – Marie-Christin Rudschies from ANZ Perth!

Marie’s professionalism and leadership is always exceptional. During the year, the Perth team has received significant client feedback for their ongoing support with external events.

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