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Shifting Your Risk: Excellence in Outsourcing

03-03-2020    By  First Contact  

Managing risk is paramount. A key part of the evaluation of outsourcing rests in the clear definition of risk, how it should be managed, and aligned to the organizations’ appetite of risk. This measures the effectiveness of partnering with outsourcing specialists. It will assist you in evaluation and measurement to get the best out of your outsourcing partners.

Recent research (Deloitte, 2020) shows that an outsourcing specialist’s customer value proposition should define how they aim to manage operational risk. This should be clearly articulated to best scope the organization’s requirements and expectations. A responsive risk framework will underpin this methodology and will satisfy all internal stakeholders. The infographic above shows why some organisations are likely to outsource, and trends indicate that outsourcing companies' management capabilities are increasing.


16-12-2019    By  First Contact  

The definition of service has undergone a full revolution over recent years. Early on, we saw the introduction of a “hotel-like” outsourced workplace services model - that set the benchmark for service standards in the corporate real estate sector.

The advent of “community” technology predicted the demise and replacement of a full-service model with self-service “booths”. This strategy was always going to be flawed - as technology is an enabling tool, certainly not a replacement for service, and today the full-service model is still the industry norm and standard.

Announcing our Team Member of the Year for 2019 - Adam!

13-12-2019    By  First Contact  


Announcing our Team Member of the Year for 2019 - Adam - Chief Concierge for ANZ in Melbourne!

This year, Adam has been instrumental in coordinating ANZ's front of house service transition to their new building in Docklands on behalf of First Contact.

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