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Creating The Framework for Exceptional Service Through the First Contact Genes

28-07-2016 by   First Contact

First Contact’s Genes guide the company through every business decision and are the essence of our corporate culture. They reflect the personality of the organisation and provide a platform to grow, improve and prosper.

From a management perspective, our genes influence everything f

Creating the Framework for Exceptional Service through the First Contact Genes (Part 2)

15-09-2016 by   First Contact

(Click here to view part one)
In part two of our in-depth look of the First Contact Genes, we discuss perhaps the major aspect which sets us apart from our competitors – Service Excellence.


20-10-2016 by   First Contact

Part 4 in our series on the First Contact Genes is a large reason why we continue to be recognised as an industry leader – Consistency.

Without the correct systems in place, it is extremely difficult to achieve consistent service standards, especially when co-ordinating over 180 sta

Creating a Successful Transition into the Corporate Sector

01-09-2017 by   First Contact

While working in hospitality is a great way to learn valuable teamwork skills and values, it is often seen as a stepping stone for those with the skills and ability to apply these in other industries. People who truly value service and enjoy the challenge it presents, generally have limited optio

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