Service excellence at the optimal price
Deliver outcomes that create value, improve service efficiency and effectiveness, remove operational noise, and free your time to focus on things that generate top line growth

Benefits :

  • Ensure space is available, activated, safe, neat, clean, fully utilised and functions, and delivered at the optimal cost
  • Access proven management strategies and frameworks, identify your total cost of occupancy, and find savings - typically ranging from 5% to 35%
  • Create highly collaborative win-win partnerships that transform relationships, drive accountability, increase innovation, and add value
  • Get an independent, 360 degree review of your real estate, facilities, and workplace services operations and identify required changes and improvements that will deliver outcomes aligned with your organisational objectives
  • Identify and allocate human resources, licensing, training, financial obligations, and apportion risks to the party best able to manage them

Our fresh set of eyes helps you :

  • Apply premium corporate hotelier experience into the office environment at every stage of your process - design, deliver, and operate
  • Obtain expert input and tools to support your real estate, facilities, and workplace teams - organisational design, workforce planning, required skillsets, talent identification and onboarding, performance management and measurement, development and training
  • Develop the business excellence frames, tools, measures, systems, and processes for your corporate real estate, facilities, and workplace operations
  • Define clear, measurable outcomes for the mangement of your occupancy portfolio
  • Implement a structured program to identify, challenge, and reduce your total cost of occupancy
  • Create business outsourcing relationships that align interests and increase collaboration, innovation and value
  • Build tools for understanding and measuring environmental and social impact

Vested® - Creating 'win - win' relationships

Vested is a business model, method, and mindset for creating highly collaborative 'win-win' business relationships in which both parties are equally committed to each other's success.

Based on award-winning research conducted by the University of Tennessee(UT) College of Business Administration and funded by the U.S. Air Force, Vested enables organisations to increase innovation and value in their business relationships. By working together and aligning interests, buyers and suppliers work to create a bigger pie, rather than spending time fighting over the existing pie.

First Contact is one of a globally select group of Vested Certified Deal Architects. We help buyers and suppliers of Real Estate, Facilities, and Workplace Management services navigate the entire transformation journey - from assessing if Vested is right for your relationship, through to creating and living a collaborative contract.

Great people offer more than skills. They're the heart of your organisation.

We’re experienced Corporate Real Estate, Facilities, and Workplace practitioners who find people with the mindsets, skillsets, and attitude to deliver the occupancy solutions you need. We provide quality candidates across a range of positions that add value to our clients.

First Contact gives you the edge for talent acquisition. We’re a well-connected partner that uses market insights, extensive salary data, AI-based tools, and a database of more than 25,000 professionals to help you find and assess great candidates at every level throughout your workplace.

We provide workplace experts on short or long-term engagements – under your management or ours.

Our process:

Define the outcomes you want from your workplace

Identify the skills needed to meet these outcomes

Find suitably skilled and culturally aligned people

Free your time to focus on your business

Outsourcing workplace operations to us improves your visitor and occupant experience, reduces your operational risks, and saves you money.

We make serous investements in our people, tools and technology to increase the quality of your workplace experience.

Our knowledge management system provides our people with easy access to standard operating procedures, and our cloud-based workforce management platform enables our teams to manage rosters, log on and off for shifts, request help, and view their salary payments in one seamless system.

Our learning and development platform equips our people with the tools to develop the core competencies of managing the workplace for greater customer experience and employee engagement. Helping people craft their careers ensures they are motivated, understand the true purpose of their work, and know that their work makes a difference.

Strong individual and team performance is underpinned by a generous and wide-ranging reward and recognition program - myFC Rewards and regular team and award events.

From the first contact, we curate engaging workplace experiences. We ensure your visitors feel welcome and valued, and your people feel supported, connected, and engaged.

We provide highly trained people who:

  • read the play and step in early
  • find, report, and follow up items requiring repair or replacement in the workplace
  • solve issues at first point of call
  • change style to suit the situation
  • compare reality with mental models for excellence

Outsourcing workplace operations to us protects you from:

  • The HR headaches from managing an internal workplace operations team
  • Low levels of employee engagement
  • Breaches of Modern Slavery and Licenscing requirements
  • Inability to acces well trained service quality professionals
  • Poor cultural fit
  • Wasted management time
  • Balance sheet liabilities for non-core staff

And we save you money. Our investments in specialist processes reduce costs at multiple levels. Whether it is in organisational design - say, hand-off points from Facility Managers to Workplace operations, collaborative partnership structures, or using transparent and flexible pricing models (not a fixed price) to adjust for changes in business needs and costs in service delivery, we will share with you our proven processes in reducing your costs.

Ours is a business focused on others; collaboration and service excellence are ingrained in everything we do. Talk with us, and we will help you design the workplace operations solution you need.

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