Service excellence at the optimal price
Deliver outcomes that create value, improve service efficiency and effectiveness, remove operational noise, and free your time to focus on things that generate top line growth


  • Ensure space is available, activated, safe, neat, clean, fully utilised and functions, and delivered at the optimal cost
  • Access proven management strategies and frameworks, identify your total cost of occupancy, and find savings - typically ranging from 5% to 35%
  • Create highly collaborative win-win partnerships that transform relationships, drive accountability, increase innovation, and add value
  • Get an independent, 360-degree review of your real estate, facilities, and workplace services operations and identify required changes and improvements that will deliver outcomes aligned with your organisational objectives
  • Identify and allocate human resources, licensing, training, financial obligations, and apportion risks to the party best able to manage them


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The second step to create value and cut occupancy costs in your workplace

Reducing workplace costs, Facilities, Hybrid, creating value, Corporate Real Estate,

by Mark Williams   |  13 September 2022
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Five steps to create value and cut occupancy costs in your workplace

Five steps to create value and cut Corporate Real Estate, Facilities, and Workplace occupancy costs. Manage operational costs. Build your career in Workplace. Service excellence. Spaces we occupy. Business as usual.

by Mark Williams   |  09 September 2022
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Understanding the cost impacts of your lease

When you look at fixed costs of occupancy on a cash basis (that is, removing depreciation), around 80 cents in the dollar will be spent on Gross Rent - your rent including outgoings.

by John Ortner   |  05 November 2021

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