Service Experience Architects

A First Contact customer experience audit can identify the gaps that exist between service perception and reality. We would value the opportunity to provide a comprehensive service audit with recommendations to make both immediate and long term improvements to your service culture. Invite our Service Leadership team to evaluate client experience reality in your organisation:

Who are your clients?

When and how do they interact with your business?

What are their needs and expectations at each touch point?

Does every customer touch point or moment of truth reflect your brand promise?

How do you ensure you are exceeding these expectations at every opportunity?

How do you recover when you have not exceeded expectations?

How will they remember their experience after their visit?

Training Delivered to Enhance your Team's Service Commitment

Allow us to customise a training program giving your own customer contact teams access to the same market leading training that First Contact staff receive. Reinforcement is the key and we will recommend a series of workshops, which are not only fun and engaging, but establish the foundations of a service culture. Programs are designed to guarantee both immediate and long term impact with quarterly reinforcement recommended. These are appropriate for all personnel who are part of the customer experience chain (building management, cleaning, security, concierge etc.).

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