Concierge Services

Lobby Engagement with a Competitive Edge

Ensure that your lobby space is optimised, and that all visitors and tenants receive a heightened level of service, acknowledgement and recognition. A First Contact Concierge is the most vital component that brings your building community alive.

A good concierge can be helpful. A great concierge can change your perception of workplace culture. At First Contact, we source the best of the industry to ensure your front of house experience leaves tenants and visitors in awe of the service.

Our Concierge staff are sourced through select channels and embody the art of anticipation. They are supported by business systems which are at the leading edge of service innovation. Enhance your workplace offering with our suite of VIP Concierge services, including:

Access to sold-out and pre-sale tickets for theatre, concerts, major sporting events etc.

Access to premium accommodation and fine dining bookings at fantastic rates

Experienced lobby engagement activations from our suite of possibilities

Building and site tours to new and prospective tenants

Unparalleled guest recognition and greeting techniques

Anticipation and immediate acknowledgement guest & tenant needs

Limousine and airport transfers

Personal shopping

Contact us to arrange a consultation to see how your lobby areas can become the cornerstone to creating an inviting building community.

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