20-05-2016    By First Contact  

A Melbourne-based service company has caused disruption to traditional service models throughout the national building management industry - with the introduction of professional five - star hotel Concierge personnel services into key corporate facilities and premium office assets throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

The company -- First Contact – is a Melbourne-born Concierge services company – that believes it has harnessed the secret to keeping corporate tenants happy.

First Contact has built its growth in the belief that the most influential person for an organisation is the one who makes the first contact with the customer This ensures the front of house experience leaves your tenants and visitors in awe of the service. Several poor experiences with security staff and traditional corporate receptionists reinforced that there is only one chance at a good first impression.

“Having a professional Concierge manage the front desk is like having an IT expert on a Help Desk: you only have to ask once and if they are really good at their job you won’t have to ask at all.  A great Concierge can change your perception of workplace culture”, said First Contact CEO – Paul Schmeja.

“First impressions are our business and why shouldn’t the customers, clients and employees in a corporate building environment be treated the same as a guest in a luxury hotel?”, said Mr Schmeja.

A corporate building has many permanent guests, employees and executives that expect, as part of their lease, great facilities that they can easily use. First Contact has truly harnessed the secret to loyal and happy tenants: Make it easy for them to be at work and they will want to work in that building. 

First Contact pioneered this unique cross-in

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