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The definition of service has undergone a full revolution over recent years. Early on, we saw the introduction of a “hotel-like” outsourced workplace services model - that set the benchmark for service standards in the corporate real estate sector.

The advent of “community” technology predicted the demise and replacement of a full-service model with self-service “booths”. This strategy was always going to be flawed - as technology is an enabling tool, certainly not a replacement for service, and today the full-service model is still the industry norm and standard.

Therefore, it is vital to any service organisation that they include a strong and robust employee engagement platform- that ensures client expectations are exceeded, and most of all, that staff feel part of the family whom they strive to exceed for.

At First Contact, we begin this process before employees have even joined us. Our team members are sourced through sectors with a high service culture (hospitality, airlines, high-end retailers). How do we begin the engagement journey? By offering them something they currently cannot get within most service industries, and that is work-life balance! 

Through us replacing their ’24-7 rosters’, First Contact offers stable, consistent and regular corporate hours, with weekends and public holidays off. First Contact also offers the potential for career growth, to further enhance team member’s luxury service skills that they have gained throughout their career.

But, it’s not that simple. The pressures of working in a hotel are very different to that of the corporate sector – you can’t expect employees to simply ‘hit the ground running’. For example, an engagement with a guest at a hotel has a finite end date. In the corporate sector, lasting relationships must be established, constantly nurtured and built on, as service staff need to engage daily with client employees. A robust transition and induction program needs to take place, backed by a strong culture and set of standards and expectations.

This culture requires a defined set of values – what we at First Contact - live and breathe every day. Among others at First Contact, harmony and service excellence are key – fostering work/life balance and service outcomes of high quality. Development and recognition are also vital– First Contact ensures this through a points-based recognition program, and programs that ensure our aspiring leaders are given the tools to create a lasting and enriching career.

So, in order to start your service quality transformation, here are three tips we’ve seen as non-negotiable at First Contact:

  1. During the recruitment phase – think about what you can offer the service champions that other companies may not be able to offer – what is your point of difference?
  2. Be honest and open about your corporate culture and company values – this creates the fit and smooth transition between the new and existing team members
  3. Leverage your knowledge base – there’s no advantage in letting every new employee learn from scratch – previous mistakes are your company’s intellectual property.

The end result – happy, well supported service professionals that are passionate about the quality of service they deliver to our clients.

At First Contact, we pride ourselves on our team members’ longevity with us – and how we have a high average length of tenure – creating service efficiencies and a sound knowledge base, meaning clients do not see a drop-in service, rather a continual improvement.

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