Creating a Consistent Service Culture

05-04-2019    By  First Contact  

In today’s business environment, service is king. Social media and sharing has made it extremely easy for individuals to investigate other’s opinions of companies, small or large, making every interaction a possible deciding factor on whether your next potential customer decides to take the next step and approach you for products or services. Service is also something which all organisations do in one way or another – it’s simply a matter of how well they do it.

When thinking of great service, 5-star hotels immediately spring to mind. From the ambience as you walk in, to the calm, smiling face behind the desk, not to mention the presentation and grooming of all staff, you are instantly made to feel welcome, which can help to subside any stress you may have experienced before walking in to the lobby.

While it is true that certain personalities are more conducive to great service, it is through training, well-enforced standards, development and professional management that staff in hospitality careers thrive and excel. Hospitality staff are often taught that front of house areas are to be treated as their stage, meaning that they sometimes adopt different personas, adding to the prestige of the hotel/restaurant etc.

At First Contact, we primarily source potential candidates from the 5-star hospitality industry, as these staff have been exposed to true customer service, and have a background that can be developed and nurtured. Our three-tiered approach to service in the corporate sector includes this talent acquisition, which is backed up by unmatched systems and management. This includes proprietary training programs, and management support from highly-experienced staff. Finally, First Contact’s culture is second to none, creating an inviting, inclusive company, even with staff spread nationally over Australia.

Our Genes underpin what we, as a company, stand for and are what drives our culture. A set of standards help to ensure clients are never left to wonder if or how a task assigned to a First Contact team member will be completed. Our dedicated support team ensures that there are no service gaps. This creates a service innovation that is unmatched in the industry – consistency.

While it sounds simple in theory, without management, training and culture, consistency is very easy to promise, but extremely hard to deliver. It is the cornerstone to our success, and the reason why discerning clients insist on First Contact. When combining this with our art of service and ability to make the impossible possible through vast connections in the hospitality industry, there really is no substitute for a First Contact managed solution.

If you are looking to improve the service in your organisation, or are looking to escape the shift-work cycle with regular, Monday to Friday hours, contact us today to discuss how you can be part of the ever-growing First Contact revolution!

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